Animation Test.

I threw together a test animation over the past few days. It’s not very long and it’s not even that good of quality, but it did put into perspective how much time I’ll have to set aside for animated projects.

For your viewing pleasure:

Like the video description says on its YouTube page, I use the software Pencil to animate and Audacity for sounds. I also use the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Tablet to draw my animations–a low-end but affordable tablet for simple projects like this.

Hopefully this was enough to help kick-start my filmmaking once more. I have some time before I head off to school, so expect to see a project or two before then.


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Welcome to my blog! My name's Jacob J. Mouradian, and I am a college student with a lofty goal of studying film and an even loftier dream of making movies. Though I am obsessed with film and will be using this page to post my take on current developments within the film industry, critique and analysis of films past and present, and even some of my own video projects, this space will also be subject to personal submissions of other forms of art, discussions regarding multiple social topics, and pieces of writing (both creative and scholarly). If I pique your interest, just tune in! View all posts by jacobjmouradian

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