Spielberg’s and Jackson’s Take on Tintin

Tintin is a world-famous series of comics developed by the Belgian artist known as Hergé that follows a young reporter and his little white terrier around the globe as he investigates a slew of mysteries. Though previous cinematic adaptations of the comic have been produced through European studios as well as two different animated television shows, it has finally been picked up by Hollywood to be turned into an animated, adventure-packed blockbuster by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.  Spielberg has been in pursuit of making a Tintin movie for close to three decades now, and when he finally regained the rights to it back in 2002 (he first had them in 1983 but they returned to the Hergé Foundation after much inaction on the project) he started developing the project with CGI animation.  Peter Jackson’s WETA Digital was brought on board, and they decided to use motion-capture technology to film instead of traditional computer animation.  (If all goes well with the first film, Jackson plans to direct a second installment and both he and Spielberg plan to co-direct a third.)

I myself have never read the source material, but after seeing this trailer I am very tempted to.  I have, though, seen excerpts from the series before, and I think this style of animation suits it very well.  Some may complain that the mo-cap used here treks across the uncanny valley,  but I think that in this case it is a perfect fit.  The film seems to retain its sense of seriousness and realism of  its source material while at the same time keeping in touch with the more cartoonish aspects of the comic while becoming over-animated and zany like most animated films do.  With this, Spielberg seems to recapture the mystery and adventure that audiences enjoyed with the original Indiana Jones trilogy, which would make for a great and memorable movie-going experience.

Here’s the full-length international trailer that was released a couple weeks back:


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