If I may be frank, I’ll say what most of you are thinking: my blogging skills leave something to be desired.  Not only are my updates very sporadic–both in posting dates and content–and rather dull.  I have written proof of this, in the form of a sincere message from a good friend.  He recently took a glance at my blog, and noted that while it is interesting that I have started writing a blog he is bored by my writing.  Though there are many tips that he offered me in order to perfect my skills within the blogosphere, the main one that he stressed was that I develop an attitude.  “Blogs are better oriented around the personality of the blogger than anything else,” he tells me.

He linked me this brief article by economist Robin Hanson, in which he observes the results of a survey question among a pool of people.  Over half of the correspondents had changed their answers over the time period between two surveys of the same question, leading him to believe that attitudes “may not ‘exist’ in a coherent form” and “you have fewer real opinions than you think”.

At first I was rather baffled by this article, especially in the context of which it was sent: Why should I read an article and then respond to it–with an attitude–if this article says that we as opinionated humans have less attitude than we like to believe?  I got to thinking that perhaps humans feel that it is a necessity to be opinionated because we need to feel like we are making a difference with our speech.  Whether it’s on a blog, on a soapbox, or in response to a survey, we like to feel as if we stand somewhere on some issue–it gives us the feeling that we are knowledgeable about our world and not stuck in the unknown (this lack of knowledge we undoubtedly equate with low intelligence).  So I guess attitudes and opinions make us interesting and keep us from being ignored–even if we have none.

I will try my best to develop an intriguing attitude.  Don’t like it?  Read something else.


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Welcome to my blog! My name's Jacob J. Mouradian, and I am a college student with a lofty goal of studying film and an even loftier dream of making movies. Though I am obsessed with film and will be using this page to post my take on current developments within the film industry, critique and analysis of films past and present, and even some of my own video projects, this space will also be subject to personal submissions of other forms of art, discussions regarding multiple social topics, and pieces of writing (both creative and scholarly). If I pique your interest, just tune in! View all posts by jacobjmouradian

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