“Battleship” Trailer Released; Sunk on Arrival?

Universal Pictures has unveiled the trailer for its blockbuster adaptation of the classic Hasbro game “Battleship”. According to Production Weekly, it’s about an international naval fleet and their contact with an alien race that wants to build a power source on earth. In good old-fashioned Internet-speak, “WAT.”

In recent years, Hollywood has stumbled upon a goldmine: childhood nostalgia. Ever since the release of Michael Bay’s “Transformers” back in 2007, it seems that everyone wants adapt a toy or a board game into a movie. And why not? They may have terrible acting, shitty dialogue and indiscernible plots (my personal opinion after sitting through the first Transformers film–three times) but they provide enough dumb, loud action and a boat-load (no pun intended) of eye-catching visual effects to drag in everybody from die-hard fans to the casual summer moviegoer looking for a piece of summer escapism. And it’s no doubt that Universal has joined this game race, seeing as they haven’t been doing so hot in recent years with many box-office failures, besides their infamous “Fast and the Furious” flicks.

Here’s the trailer via Daily Motion:

Battleship Trailer (2012) HD 1080p by Filmsactu

Also, it’s disappointing seeing a veteran actor like Liam Neeson in this kind of film. I wouldn’t necessarily classify all of his more recent projects as “bad” (I think that “Taken” and “Unknown” are great revenge thrillers) but he seems that he’s choosing these big-time, action-packed films other than more dramatic roles. I mean, sure, he’s still doing the occasional small-budget indie film like “Chloe” or “Breakfast on Pluto”, but he doesn’t seem to be exercising his dramatic muscle anymore. Too bad.

So, what do you think? Will you see this summer spectacular, or will you just leave it to sink at the box office?


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