Mind the Gap

Please excuse this brief hiatus from my blogging. It wasn’t intended, but was necessary as a result of my hectic schedule involving high school graduation-related events, college orientation, and my ever-growing sense of lethargy as summer kicks in to full swing. Oh, and my recent cave-in to Netflix hasn’t helped my productivity for the better, either. So I thought I’d give a quick heads-up: Expect some movie reviews out as early as tomorrow, with a couple other non-film-related articles out over the next couple of weeks. If I have time I also hope to get started on a brief test animation, now that I have a tablet to aide with my computer-generated projects, so look forward to progress regarding that.

Thanks for tuning in!


About jacobjmouradian

Welcome to my blog! My name's Jacob J. Mouradian, and I am a college student with a lofty goal of studying film and an even loftier dream of making movies. Though I am obsessed with film and will be using this page to post my take on current developments within the film industry, critique and analysis of films past and present, and even some of my own video projects, this space will also be subject to personal submissions of other forms of art, discussions regarding multiple social topics, and pieces of writing (both creative and scholarly). If I pique your interest, just tune in! View all posts by jacobjmouradian

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