And Here I Am.

Recently, blogs have been piquing my interest because they have the sense of maintaining a sense of formality (if the blogger so chooses) that other social media outlets severely lack. With this formality also brings a serious tone that Facebook cannot provide, as well as a more in-depth analysis of topics that does not need to be summarized within a one-hundred-and-forty-character limit and ended with a compressed link. It’s all right there–waiting to be read, viewed, enjoyed, or what have you.

So after lurking around the blogosphere for a while, conformity struck and I decided to create one of my own. I know there are so many arguments against creating one–“It’ll be lost in the sea of all the others…”; “Who will really want to listen to you?”; “Why not just be satisfied with your tweets and status updates and not go all hipster on us?” Okay, I’m just joking about that last one–you’re only a hipster if you use Tumblr. (/Joke). However, there are also many benefits to creating one–for instance, odds are that people who will be following your blog share a greater interest in what you post than your “friends” would, so they will not feel like they are wasting their time reading what you have to say and you will not feel like your opinions are being drowned out. Second, a blog gives you a great outlet to practice your writing skills. In fact the final push that led to me creating this blog was from my Honors teacher, who recommended that I do so to keep my skills sharp–possibly the best bit of advice I’ve ever received from an educator. Thirdly, blogs are great business tools that allow you to connect with future collaborators and make your work known to others in your field, which I hope will be a result of my maintenance and updating of this space. Finally, it’s just for fun! I like expressing my thoughts, and those who do not wish to tune in can simply ignore it–it’s as easy as that.

Yeah–I just analyzed blogging for you.

I look forward to undertaking this brave new venture through these vast and treacherous waters, and company is always appreciated. Spin those dials and tune in!


About jacobjmouradian

Welcome to my blog! My name's Jacob J. Mouradian, and I am a college student with a lofty goal of studying film and an even loftier dream of making movies. Though I am obsessed with film and will be using this page to post my take on current developments within the film industry, critique and analysis of films past and present, and even some of my own video projects, this space will also be subject to personal submissions of other forms of art, discussions regarding multiple social topics, and pieces of writing (both creative and scholarly). If I pique your interest, just tune in! View all posts by jacobjmouradian

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